Mission Statement

THE MAIN GOAL of the International Seppala Association is to advance and support the survival of historic sleddog breeds in their original form (as nearly as possible), doing their traditional work.
The Association was founded with seven distinct purposes enshrined in its Constitution.

Our first and foremost purpose is the protection, preservation and maintenance of historic sleddog bloodlines, particularly the Leonhard Seppala Siberian sleddog lineage and the Arthur Walden Chinook sleddog lineage, but we stand ready to assist others in similar tasks involving other historic sleddog lines.

The second purpose is to foster and encourage the preservation, furtherance and enhancement of versatile working sleddog ability in Seppala sleddogs, Chinooks and other historic sleddog breeds. No historic breed can long retain its original form unless it continues to do its traditional work.

The third purpose is to encourage the importation of indigenous sleddog stock from Siberia, particularly with a view to the genetic support and renewal of the Leonhard Seppala bloodline; and also to foster and facilitate efforts to preserve and provide genetic support to the Chinook bloodline.

Our fourth purpose is educational: to collect, preserve and make available general information, historic material and other data about historic sleddog breeds and bloodlines, and to foster knowledge and education about all aspects of historic sleddogs among the general public, the dog fancy, and those involved in such breeds and bloodlines.

Our fifth purpose is to collect, to keep, and to make available ancestral records and pedigree data of individual sleddogs in the breeds we support.

Our sixth purpose is to promote and stand guard over sleddog welfare in both the individual and the collective sense, and to take whatever action may be appropriate to protect and represent sleddog welfare, including making representations to government when needed.

Our seventh purpose is to sponsor and/or to hold any sleddog activities or support activities decided upon by our membership.

The International Seppala Association is a non-profit organisation of concerned sleddog owners, breeders and fanciers who donate their time and expertise in the service of the above purposes.