Seppala Siberian Sleddog Breed Standard, 1995

General Considerations: The Seppala Siberian Sleddog is a working breed; it exists for the purpose of pulling a dogsled in cold country. Its characteristics are determined by the nature of its work and by its working environment. It originated from an amalgam of tribal dogs from several different regions of the vast land of Siberia, […]

Defining the True Seppala Bloodline

THE 1976 BOOK, The Seppala Siberian: A Breeder’s Manual, contained the simplest basic definition of Seppala strain: Seppala Siberian: Any registered Siberian Husky whose pedigree lineage may be traced back exclusively to foundation stock bred by Leonhard Seppala or imported directly from Siberia. This definition still holds good today, unchanged really since the 1940s when […]

The Story of Leonhard Seppala and Arthur T. Walden

Did they ever meet during the Gold Rush? BOTH MEN were present for a time in Nome during the Alaskan Gold Rush. Seppala came from Norway to take up residence there in 1900, at the urging of his friend and subsequent employer, Jafet Lindeberg (one of the “Three Lucky Swedes” to strike the first $1,500-to-the-pan […]

Mission Statement

THE MAIN GOAL of the International Seppala Association is to advance and support the survival of historic sleddog breeds in their original form (as nearly as possible), doing their traditional work. The Association was founded with seven distinct purposes enshrined in its Constitution. Our first and foremost purpose is the protection, preservation and maintenance of […]

International Seppala Association

General Information Copyright ©2018 by J. Jeffrey Bragg THE GOAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SEPPALA ASSOCIATION is the preservation, protection and advancement of historic sleddog breeds and bloodlines. Today’s mainstream AKC/CKC northern breeds such as the Siberian Husky and the Alaskan Malamute hardly deserve the title of sleddogs, apart from tiny minority populations within those breeds. […]